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Who are we?

Several years back, Diane and I  decided to purchase an RV.    I wanted a boat but it's gotta be a mutual decision, so the RV was the right answer.     Along the way we kept asking ourselves questions such as why we kept going back to our sticks and bricks home.  So we sold it, all it's contents and went fulltime in our motorcoach.     We still work which dictates some of our choices such as location and schedule.  But overall we have incredible freedom and enjoy the flexibility.     This blog is the byproduct of numerous questions about where we're going, how we do it, what's it like, etc.   We share these details in the hopes of helping others attain the freedom and flexibility we've come to enjoy.      We invite you to explore the site, learn about our experiences and passions, and explore what excites and interests you as well.   We hope this blog helps answer one fundamental question:  What's it like to live fulltime in a motorcoach.

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