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Are motorcoaches easy to drive?

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Actually yes they are. The more modern coachs (unlike ours) have lots of new features to help make the driving easier, just like cars. Tesla doesn't make a motorcoach (yet), but it won't be too long before we'll see fully self driving RVs on the road. I'll just have to rememeber to stay behind them until I get more comfortable with the concept.

There are some tricky things with current motorcoaches that get some people into trouble. For instance turning in tight conditions. Some motorcoaches are as long as 45ft in length and as such one must be careful when making right turns particularly. But with side cameras (which we don't have), full surround cameras (which we don't have), autosteering tag axel (which we don't have) and other modern features they're actually pretty easy to drive.

I always recommend that new owners take a class on driving a large motorcoach, particularly if you've never driven anything this large. Many RV rally's have such classes available.

Anytime we're backing up, Diane always gets out of the coach and provides another set of eyes on the situation. If you talk to the people who have run into things while backing up, it rarely happens when they have a second set of eyes helping out.

Speaking of safety, when we get off the highway and are driving around campsites or gas stations, anyplace there could be pedestrians, bikes, dogs, etc, I always roll down my window to give my ears an extra chance to listen to any verbal feedback from the surrounding vicinity. Luckly for me, it's never been necessary, but I have tried to yell at someone who forgot to disconnect their power cord (ouch!), they didn't hear me, they didn't have their window down.

Diane at the wheel. Easy Peasy.
Diane happily driving with her favorite caffeine beverage

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