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How to choose a motorcoach

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Wow, there's so many facets to cover, however I want to focus on two key topics.

The first one is to have fun. The selection of an RV should be a fun adventure, one of exploration and intrigue. Spend some time to think about how you want to use it, where you want to go, friends you'll meet up with at your destination and new friends you'll meet along the way. Take your time, drive a bunch, ask lots of questions, do lots of reading. Maybe one of the coaches you look at will be like this one.

Nice Newell Motorcoach

The second key topic for this posting is the list. I know you hate lists, but this one is actually cool, and I've already attached one to get you started. So when you think you're starting to get some ideas around what features you want, and maybe a few coaches are capturing your interest, it's time for the list. This list helps you think about what's really important and what's not so important. Is a stacked washer and dryer more important than a big shower, or will a smaller shower suffice? Queen or king bed?

Attached is a spreadsheet which you can use for your own comparision. Feel free to change the features in the first column to suite your own needs.

The goal isn't to just come up with a simple quantitative number that will make up your mind, but rather help you think about what's important and how important. The ultimate decision still has to come from the heart, but this is a great way to help your heart come to terms with your needs.

Download XLSX • 16KB

I've populated the attached spreadsheet to compare just two RVs, but you can compare as many as you want, just duplicate columns D & E and put the copy on the other side of F & G. Repeat as needed.

Here's some guidelines on using this spreadsheet.

  • Edit column B to fit your own criteria. Look at what's there as an example.

  • In column C for each row put a number to represent how important that feature is, use column B as a guide.

  • Column E automatically calculates itself based on the values in C & D. Same is true for the next coach, column G autocalculates based on C & F.

  • you'll start to see the total at the bottom of E & G.

So which coach is better? Or should I say, which coach has a higher ranking. Does that validate what's in your heart? Or does it seem wrong? Revisit your rankings (D & F) and weightings (C), maybe they don't really represent your needs.

Once this is done (and redone 15 times like me), I would expect that your decision regarding How to Choose A Coach will start to settle down and become an obvious choice.

Then you can purchase with confidence that you're getting the right RV for you and your family.

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