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Product Review: LED light replacements

For many older coaches the ceiling lights are still the old incandescent or halogen bulbs. These bulbs get hot and consume lots of power compared to modern LED bulbs. But replacing the old halogen bulbs can be tricky to find the correct size and a good quality. For my coach, my ceiling lights are dimmable so that was also an important criteria in a replacement LED bulb.

After several trials and a few errors, I found a great replacement in the CBconcept LED bulb. My coach required the G4 bulb which used 1.8 watts instead of the old halogen bulb which used 20 watts. A huge difference. These CBconcept LED bulbs are even dimmable, which is rare for an LED.

When shopping for an LED bulb be sure to pay attention to the lumen rating, this is a measure of the amount of light they put out. Some LED bulbs are just too dim and not sufficient, so be sure to compare this feature as well. The CBConcept LED I used was rated at 220 lumen, which is good for a small LED bulb. Since my ceiling has lots of these bulb sockets, the sum of all the bulbs is more than enough light for my needs.

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